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Download: rav4all: that's from line 107 of /var/log/syslog TJ-, I am on my phone so not able to look that rav4all: so I'd like to see the contents of "/var/log/kern.log" then TJ-, content of kern.log : rav4all: OK, the answer is in that log, it is the JBOD RAID array with a failed disk rav4all: check for errors on /dev/sda4 TJ-, rav4all: try "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" TJ-, done. rav4all: see if it tells you which sector is failing (as it should), and hopefully you'll see a warning from smartctl "SMART Self-test Log structure revision number 1" rav4all: right, looks like there is a failed sector. you should be able to correct it TJ-, how rav4all: have you been able to mount it in a file-system that can be read by Linux? TJ-, I believe so. I have been able to mount this drive in Ubuntu TJ-, I just haven't been able to perform any operation on it. As I mentioned earlier, i have tried copying a directory to it and I have received permission denied. I can see the folder in Ubuntu. I am talking about the failure in windows. rav4all: so if you get smartctl to tell you which sector is failing then you can use the 'discard' command in Windows to clear that sector rav4all: I assume Windows does not mount the FS as read-write for the file-system? TJ-, I did not understand the



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