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Aerosoft Aes Credits Serial Number




A: Since AES is an add-on to FS2004, this is a question for AES not for FS2004. As for your other questions: A. You may be able to use these serial numbers. They have only been tested in FS2004 v1.05. You may have to hack your aircraft to accept them, if needed. B. It looks like the AES System includes a bonus for paying for serial numbers, which you can find by checking your inbox for a message from AES Support stating that you are now eligible for a bonus. C. I don't see anything that would indicate that the mail you received in your spam folder is linked to your support ticket or the comments you posted. From the support ticket, it looks like it is related to you paying your initial purchase with PayPal. In order to help resolve this, I would recommend that you make a new support ticket and provide the following information: If you have already sent the email to support, please include the following information: 1) what email address(es) you used to send the email. 2) what the content of the email was (you can include a link or copy/paste the email if desired). 3) what action(s) you took (you can include a link or copy/paste the actions that you took). 4) what your conversation with support was. That should help resolve your issue. D. As per the documentation (see: any in-flight changes and system upgrades will cause any serial numbers that you have paid for to be invalidated. A: I was also in the same situation and as per the Aerosoft FAQ I contacted them via the support desk. As I have mentioned in my comment I received an answer after 48 hours. (Ask them why they are so slow in answering) In my case what they did was: They asked me to send in my serial numbers with the latest version AES 1.20 1) I did this and after 48 hours I got a reply that my serial numbers are valid for AES 1.20 2) They then sent me another serial number and informed me that my previously valid one is not valid any more as AES has upgraded and the number sequence is different 3




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